We’re Spilling The Tea: Temple Brewing x Oriental Teahouse Collaboration

G’day Temple Fam, 

Good Beer Week is just around the corner. Although it’s pretty much good beer week every week for us, we can’t wait for the official celebration. For Good Beer Week this year, we’ve decided to collaborate with Oriental Teahouse, one of Melbourne’s most popular destinations for delicious freshly brewed tea.



The intention behind our collaboration was to blend two seemingly different worlds together – the world of tea, and the world of beer. While they may appear unrelated, we think beer and tea actually share a handful of similarities. For a start, they are both beverages dedicated to exploring the endless possibilities of their flavour dimensions, but also pushing the boundaries of their creations.



All thanks to Oriental Teahouse and their extensive library of premium tea blends, we got to have fun with all types of tea – fragrant, spicy, fruity, floral, you name it! By experimenting with how much tea we added to our brew, we got to play around with how much tea we wanted to come through from the beer.



Since we couldn't decide on a favourite, we picked all 4! Meet our Good Beer Week limited releases: Raspberry & Lime Tea Berliner Weisse (4.1% ABV), Strawberry & Cream Sour (4% ABV), Mango Black Tea West Coast IPA (6.7% ABV), and Chai Tea Stout Bottles (5.8% ABV). 

Event Date: 18th May 2021



Oriental Teahouse has cooked up a 5-course meal, including their famous house-made dumplings that perfectly complemented our specialty brews. A huge thank you to our supporters and our partners at Oriental Teahouse for hosting an unforgettable event filled with good food and good beer!