Here’s To Celebrating Our New Journey With You


It’s not news that we’ve all been through a really long and hard year. At Temple, 2020 has certainly made an impact and changed the way we functioned as a small business. We’ve weathered through our fair shares of storms and hardships, and we want to start off by saying a massive thank you to you for supporting us throughout it all. 

For the last year or so, we’ve been finding ourselves and thinking about how we can contribute more as a small business and serve you something more than just beer. From the beers we serve, our food at the brewpub, and to growing a craft beer community in Brunswick, we think it’s time for a fresh new start!



At Temple, our community and our beer mean everything to us. They revolve around everything we do. From brewing with experimentation, sourcing natural premium ingredients, to challenging our creativity to produce innovative limited releases, every process is carefully premeditated before we serve it to you, which is why we’re taking the next step.


Our Neighbourhood

You’ll realise that our beer cans may look different. We’ve decided to re-design our brand to stay true to ourselves, to show you who we really are, and to tell you the stories that made us Temple. Being born in Brunswick East of Melbourne, we want our beer to really reflect where we are from. From the vibrant murals to the diverse food and culture, every aspect of our new packaging is inspired by you and the community of Brunswick East and Melbourne. There’s obviously new colours, new illustrations, a new kind of design style, but when you break it all down, you’ll learn that it’s all bits and pieces that make up Temple Brewing.


It’s What Inside That Counts

With beer as it is with people, it’s what inside that counts. Whilst our packaging may look different, you’ll still be served the same Temple beers you know and have come to love.With our new look, we only wish to bring you a better experience we can offer. So, whether you’re having a can of our beer or into the brewpub for comedy night, we hope you’ll leave with more than just a good beer. 

Here’s to more good food, more good times, and even better beers! 

The Temple Brewing Family.