Tucked away quietly in Brunswick East, we are home to some of Melbourne's award-winning local craft beers.  

Beer is the beating heart of Temple Brewing Co, and a few core values are the driving force behind everything we do: Proudly brewing in, promoting, and supporting the Brunswick East community.

We produce all of our delicious beer in our state-of-the-art 30hL semi-automated brewhouse. Apart from our year-round core range, our brewers also love to challenge their skills and creativity to produce innovative and exciting limited releases to surprise and intrigue our drinkers.


Rachel fell into the Brewing industry by a happy accident and hasn’t looked back. She has been brewing since the age that she could legally drink beer, and by now has worked at a range of breweries which has given her a love and appreciation of a variety of styles- everything from barrel aged sours to big hoppy IPA’s. She is passionate about continuing to grow her knowledge to be able to produce high quality beer for everyone to enjoy. Her favourite Temple beer is the NWO American Stout.


Dal hails from Melbourne but really got into beer while living in Southern Germany and the South West of England on respective working holidays. He enjoys the blending of art and science that goes into brewing to create different flavours and is always keen to explore new techniques in our brewery. Dal believes the wide spectrum of beer styles means there is a specific beer for any and every social occasion, time of year, climate, and food pairing, you just have to hunt it out. One of his favourite beers is “The Airport Beer”, while his current favourite Temple beer is the Temple Draught (in a sun soaked beer garden).

As a business and a local brewery, it is our priority to take care of the environment that provides our resources. Committed to create a positive impact in the world, we are always thinking of ways to reduce our waste and give back to the community.
In efforts to minimise our energy consumption, we’ve installed 98 solar panels on the roof which generates 50% of the brewery energy usage.
Always conscious of sending our waste to the landfill, we're always on the lookout to reuse or recycle our waste.All of our spent grains are sent to local farmers to be used as cattle feed. We also reclaim our waste water to be recycled and used in other tasks during the brewing process.
Continuing our efforts to be sustainable, we’ll shout you a free pot at the bar if you bring us 5 used PakTechs.


Temple craft beers are currently stocked in a wide range of bottle shops and restaurants in Melbourne and other interstate locations.


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