Tucked away quietly in Brunswick East, we are home to some of Melbourne's award-winning local craft beers.  

Beer is the beating heart of Temple Brewing Co, and a few core values are the driving force behind everything we do: Proudly brewing in, promoting, and supporting the Brunswick East community.

We produce all of our delicious beer in our state-of-the-art 30hL semi-automated brewhouse. Apart from our year-round core range, our brewers also love to challenge their skills and creativity to produce innovative and exciting limited releases to surprise and intrigue our drinkers.


James has always loved drinking and appreciating good craft beer. Moving from the UK to Australia, James is now a Brunswick local. His brewing journey started in his backyard in 2012, and he was instantly hooked. As Head Brewer, playing around with different styles, ingredients and techniques fuel his passion. The pursuit of creating top-quality beers, pushing boundaries, and working with an awesome brew crew keeps every day as exciting as the last. His favourite Temple beer is the Weston St IPA.


Ross has always been obsessed with fermentation in all forms - a school project he completed back in grade 2 was about the Tasmanian wine industry! He moved over from Tassie to Melbourne in late 2017, where he started at Temple by pouring our freshest beers in the Brewpub, always pestering the production staff with questions during their knock off pints on a Friday. It wasn’t long before he started in the brewery in January 2018.

Since then, his passion for experimentation and a love for crafting traditional styles have been honed on our 25hL brewhouse. You will often find Ross singing at the top of his voice whilst filling kegs, or trying to convince James and Alex that the newest limited release needs “Just a few more IBUs/Grams per litre of dry hopping/kilos of fruit puree”. His favourite Temple beer is the Anytime Pale Ale.


Alex came to brewing at Temple by way of the food industry, where he developed a knack for interpreting and reinventing recipes, as well as a passion for all things fermentation. This country NSW boy snatched up the opportunity to work in the brewery while he was serving in the Temple kitchen and has never looked back. He loves experimenting on our pilot system, creating everything from classic german styles to IPA’s. He‘s also eager to start brewing some meads and braggots. You’ll often find him hiding in the corner of the brewery dodging the wild hose-down techniques of Ross; “The guy is a maniac.” - Alex. His favourite Temple beer is the Okinawa Sour.

As a business and a local brewery, it is our priority to take care of the environment that provides our resources. Committed to create a positive impact in the world, we are always thinking of ways to reduce our waste and give back to the community.
In efforts to minimise our energy consumption, we’ve installed 98 solar panels on the roof which generates 50% of the brewery energy usage.
Always conscious of sending our waste to the landfill, we're always on the lookout to reuse or recycle our waste.All of our spent grains are sent to local farmers to be used as cattle feed. We also reclaim our waste water to be recycled and used in other tasks during the brewing process.
Continuing our efforts to be sustainable, we’ll shout you a free pot at the bar if you bring us 5 used PakTechs.


Temple craft beers are currently stocked in a wide range of bottle shops and restaurants in Melbourne and other interstate locations.


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