888 Mandarin Ale - a taste of culture and celebration

At temple, a good beer means so much more than its taste. The richness of our craft beer lead back to the history of this brewery and creativity of our experienced brewers.

This year, we’ve decided that holidays shouldn’t be over after the New Year. Instead, we’re distilling the essence of the festive season and extending it Chinese New Year as well!


Just like any holiday around the world, family, friends, food and drinks are an essential part of Chinese New Year. However, the Chinese like to do things a little differently - it’s louder, more colourful, more extravagant, and involves a lavish amount of delicious food!

This year is the Year of the bull. To celebrate that, we’ve crafted a special beer that embodies all the elements of Chinese New Year - the 888 Mandarin Ale.


One of the main designs of the beer features the iconic fruit used during CNY: the mandarin orange. This is because the pronunciation of “orange” in mandarin sounds similar to the word, “wealth”.



Along with the orange hue of the flesh which symbolises gold, makes the Chinese believe the fruit brings prosperity and auspice. These are qualities also that make this fruit a traditional and symbolic gift; as well as a common decorative item, blessing, and invitation of fortune.




So why not enhance the prosperous nature of the mandarin orange by combining it with beer? We can’t think of a better way! 

Introducing the 888 Mandarin Ale: a taste of culture and celebration. Look forward to this approachable, fruity, and thirst-quenching citrus ale this Chinese New Year!